Master Bedroom Project Inspiration Board

May 20, 2016

I’ve mentioned a couple times that one of the rooms that we are planning to redo when we move in a few weeks is our master bedroom. Currently the space is pretty but has no real furniture other than a chair and end table. The bed is a DIY upholstery board and the night stands are okay, but not really my long term style preference. These items with be repurposed and styled into our guest room. I’ve begun gathering items so that I can get the room finished quickly after we move. When you are only going to be in the house for a year or two at the most, then it is super motivating to get things done QUICKLY!

I’ve mixed a higher end bed with inexpensive Ikea pieces upgraded with new hardware. Keeping to my preference for lots of bright white and textile texture, I’m going with all white hotel style bedding with lots of interesting pillows (my husband is going to loooove this part). I have additional art and personal photos to display and am still working on finding a mirror for above the dresser. Suggestions welcome! The grey tufted wingback chair and end table in our current bedroom with also be in incorporated.

Bedroom Master Board

Lamp | Drum Shade | Art | Dresser | Bed | Pulls | Nightstand | Fur Pillow | B&W Pillow | Gold Pillow | Rug

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30

May 4, 2016

Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you’re still looking for a gift for your mom (or need ideas for dropping hints to your husband) you better get moving! Target has some great collaborations going on right now so a gift from Target isn’t just a blah big-box store choice. I’ve rounded up a few items all under $30 that are in-store items (check online or with the Target app for local availability) that you can run in to grab and even pick-up some wrapping and a card while you’re there. If you have a higher price point you can add or combine items for a more curated gift. The tote would be perfect with a SWELL water bottle and a bunch of flowers inside. Grab a basket and fill with the cute Oh Joy plates and Common Good luxurious dish soap. The possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas of the world!

Target Mothers Day

Stripe Tote | SWELL Water Bottle | WhoWhatWear Bateau Tee | Swim Cover-Up | Common Good Dish Soap & Linen Spray | Oh Joy Plates 

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Weekend Dossier No. 25

April 17, 2016



If price was no object, then this Spanish designed highchair would be my choice.

I’ve starting using this app for tracking all the important lady information. It’s simple and very well designed.

We had this salad for dinner one night this past week and loved it. I would use a tablespoon less of fish sauce next time to cut back on the saltiness.

Remember this viral video? These mom actually have a hilarious YouTube channel I can’t get enough of  . . . subscribe!

These minty shoes are tempting me as a springy addition to my black and grey wardrobe.

If you follow me on social media, you know I’m super excited about my friend, Margaret’s new project, “Two Minute Mama”. Her new site is alway full of helpful, inspiring advice for communicating with our kids. The two minute tidbits are a genius concept.

This collaboration is so pretty! Quick, I need a reason to host a pretty party. Maybe I’ll settle for these for my coffee on the go.


Photo Credit: Cheeky 

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Quick Baba Ganoush

April 15, 2016


I love Middle Eastern food and rarely get to eat it since we live in central Kansas. Unfortunately most of my attempts to replicate restaurant versions of falafel and tabboulah have not worked out. However, after a few tries I’ve perfected this delicious roasted eggplant dip or “baba ganoush”. Although the traditional method is to roast the eggplant slowly intact and scoop out the flesh, I rarely have the time or patience for the process. In this recipe I cheat by chopping the eggplant and cooking in a cast iron skillet on the stove. High heat and the heavy pan preserve the signature smokiness of the dish.

The dip is usually served with pita, but we’ve been devouring it with mini sweet peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Pita chips would also work as a dipper if want some crunch. The dip can be served warm or cold and can be used in place of hummus on wraps, etc.


Baba Ganoush

1 Medium Eggplant, Peel and Chopped

1 T. Regular Olive or Avocado Oil

1/4 t. Sea Salt

4 T. Lemon Juice (fresh is best for flavor)

1 T. Tahini or 1 t. Sesame Seeds

1 Clove Garlic, Minced

Pinch of Cumin

Pinch of Cayenne

1/4 t. Smoked Paprika

2 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (plus extra for drizzling)

2 T. Plain Greek Yogurt

Toasted Pinenuts, Parsley, Smoked Paprika and EVOO for Topping

In a cast iron skillet or pan heat oil on medium-high heat. Add eggplant and cook for 5-8 minutes on a hot pan until soft and some pieces are a bit charred. Remove from heat and let sit while preparing other ingredients.

In a blender or food processor add salt, lemon juice, tahini, garlic and seasonings. Add warm eggplant and blend until smooth. Add EVOO and yogurt. Blend until combined. Place dip into a serving dish and finish with toppings.

Dip can be store in the refrigerator without toppings for up to five days.

Makes approximately 1 1/2 cups of dip and can be easily doubled.


Playroom Planning

April 14, 2016

On of the best benefits of our move in six weeks is that we finally have a house that we actually fit in and can define our spaces. I love homes that have defined rooms and we think that the house we will be moving into at our next duty station will even have a place for a playroom. Currently all the boys’ toys fit into a small coat closet in our living room and whatever doesn’t fit is kept in the basement and rotated. This means that our living room is in perpetual shambles. We expect only to be living in our next house for a year, possibly two. This means that when we move in I need to have my plans for the house ready to go – otherwise we’ll end up with the “oh we only have a few more months, what’s the point” mentality of setting up the house.

I’ve begun collecting some items to set-up in the playroom to make it a fun and creative space for the boys. I’ve kept the colors basically to black, white and grey so that some of their more colorful wood toys can be displayed to brighten up the room. The area we plan to use is actually a sunroom with three walls of windows, there is very little wall space and tons of great light.


Table | Rug | Print | Easel | Faux Bois Bin | Animal Heads | Cube Storage | Felt Bin

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