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Master Bedroom Project Inspiration Board

May 20, 2016

I’ve mentioned a couple times that one of the rooms that we are planning to redo when we move in a few weeks is our master bedroom. Currently the space is pretty but has no real furniture other than a chair and end table. The bed is a DIY upholstery board and the night stands are okay, but not really my long term style preference. These items with be repurposed and styled into our guest room. I’ve begun gathering items so that I can get the room finished quickly after we move. When you are only going to be in the house for a year or two at the most, then it is super motivating to get things done QUICKLY!

I’ve mixed a higher end bed with inexpensive Ikea pieces upgraded with new hardware. Keeping to my preference for lots of bright white and textile texture, I’m going with all white hotel style bedding with lots of interesting pillows (my husband is going to loooove this part). I have additional art and personal photos to display and am still working on finding a mirror for above the dresser. Suggestions welcome! The grey tufted wingback chair and end table in our current bedroom with also be in incorporated.

Bedroom Master Board

Lamp | Drum Shade | Art | Dresser | Bed | Pulls | Nightstand | Fur Pillow | B&W Pillow | Gold Pillow | Rug

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Playroom Planning

April 14, 2016

On of the best benefits of our move in six weeks is that we finally have a house that we actually fit in and can define our spaces. I love homes that have defined rooms and we think that the house we will be moving into at our next duty station will even have a place for a playroom. Currently all the boys’ toys fit into a small coat closet in our living room and whatever doesn’t fit is kept in the basement and rotated. This means that our living room is in perpetual shambles. We expect only to be living in our next house for a year, possibly two. This means that when we move in I need to have my plans for the house ready to go – otherwise we’ll end up with the “oh we only have a few more months, what’s the point” mentality of setting up the house.

I’ve begun collecting some items to set-up in the playroom to make it a fun and creative space for the boys. I’ve kept the colors basically to black, white and grey so that some of their more colorful wood toys can be displayed to brighten up the room. The area we plan to use is actually a sunroom with three walls of windows, there is very little wall space and tons of great light.


Table | Rug | Print | Easel | Faux Bois Bin | Animal Heads | Cube Storage | Felt Bin

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High Low Night Stand Looks

January 31, 2016

One of my big projects this year after we move is to finally finish (or start?) our master bedroom. Although we’ll only be in that house for a year, after five years of a mismatch looking room, I’m ready get it done and then just pack it up and enjoy it in our next house too. I’m fairly settled on a bed and already have neural linens that I’ll continue using, it’s the look of the other furniture that I’m a bit unsettled on. Any of the below looks would coordinate with the bed and a chair that I’m keeping from our current look (it can’t really be called that). The white campaign night stand and marble table  are my safe choices – very much in my comfort zone. Lately I have been drawn to the warmth of mid-century design and it also tends to go well with whatever Army house we might end up with –  it’s going to be something built in the window of 1850-2016. How’s that for a design challenge?

For light use furniture (as opposed to the things that need to withstand daily beating by my boys) I love to look to Target for high style and low prices. The Target design team is impeccable at keeping up with a wide range of looks and trends. There are certainly differences between the high and low pieces that are worth researching before purchasing, but I think you’ll be impressed with the “lows”. Most of the Target styles are available in store so you can look and feel . . . and have another good reason to wander into that delightful retail paradise.

Campaign Nightstand

Target $130 | Pottery Barn Kids $349

Marble Nightstands

Target $80 | Williams-Sonoma Home $450

Mid Century

Target $98 | West Elm $299

Med Century 2

Target $50 | West Elm $199

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H & M Home Finds Under $15

January 29, 2016

H & M has long been a great place for basic clothing at bargain prices but did you know that they have an amazing selection of home goods too? Another gift of the European continent. Right up there with Ikea and champagne in my book. I ordered a few items to help beat the winter blahs and freshen up the living room. This striped pillow cover is only $6 and is just one among many styles. I love these kids dishes that are not primary colors and plastic. Pretty much made for my household. What about the mug? It has a cozy, vintage look. These copper baskets come in various sizes and make for a great place to keep mittens/winter gear, blankets, toys, and towels. Big wax coated paper bags have been popular lately in Scandinavian homes and I’m excited to see them available here in the US. I’d fill them with toys and stuffed animals. Lastly, a white pineapple is plain classic and pretty. You’ll find tons of basic items at H & M too  – duvets, sheets, towels and pillow inserts.

HM Home Spring 2016

Pillow | Mug | Copper Basket | Kids China | Storage Bag | Pineapple

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The Five Year Wedding Registry Review

January 18, 2016

Reigstry Review


This past November Justin and I marked FIVE years of marriage. I say marked because the celebration is yet to happen when he returns home this spring! A few days ago while I was progressing though my cleaning rampage, I realized how many items that are in daily constant use that we received for our wedding. I also love that I can remember the individual people that gave us the sweet gifts as I use them. The list of items used all the time is huge, like this garlic peeler (who knew I would use this as much as I do, well the giver did), but it could get very tedious to read and to write. I chose a few to share to help if you are building your registry or if you are looking to add some workhorse items to your established home that are proven.

We registered at Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel. Even back in prehistoric clunky online registry days of 2010, I added most items online going by reviews, suggestions from friends and with a trust in those quality stores. I kept nearly all the items to a fairly neutral color palette since I had no idea where we would be living and pretty sure my style would evolve as I began putting together the home. I am so thankful I went this direction because I love my whites and light colors as much as the day I clicked “add”.

Pantry Dinnerware . . . This was the first and easiest registry decision I made on the registry. My mom replaced her more trendy dinnerware in the mid-1990s with these dishes and I always loved how food looks on white. In my family of six brothers we rarely ever had a broken dish. In fact since we’ve been married we haven’t even broken one so far, despite Joey’s recent attempts to change that with his plate frisbee antics. Also, you can add serving pieces to this set from just about any retailer and they match. I’ve added pieces from HomeGoods, TJMaxx. Target and Crate and Barrel.

Cafe Glassware . . . I fell in love with this classic look when I lived in Italy. All the restaurants and cafes use these classes. The heavy weight and quality glass help them looking brand new after years of dishwasher washing. No cloudiness! We have sets of nearly every size and I don’t own a plastic drinking “glass”. These are all you need.

Caterers Stemware . . . While these are sadly not used every day, I probably should. Haha. However, when we uncork a bottle or host events, which we do fairly often, I pull out our big sets of these glasses. They are still delicate but durable for daily or entertainment use.

Caterers Napkins . . . I’m a big fan of using cloth napkins. It adds a nice hint of civility to our otherwise often rather uncivil dinners with young children and is obviously better for the environment. I wash these with an oxy product to keep them looking stain-free and bright, along with the rest of my whites. These babies are workhorses and going strong five years of constant use. I also never iron them unless we’re having guests and they still look fine. I think I have 24 dinner size and 12 cocktail size.

Anniversary Bundt . . . I know, I know. It’s a bundt pan and it’s 2016. And do you see a bunch of cake recipes on this blog? This is a good bundt pan. a really good one. What’s the big deal? Have you ever used a bad bundt pan? It’s a disaster. Cake pieces dropping in sad crumble chunks. I can make a mean gluten-free chocolate bundt or a delicious very gluten-filled chocolate chip cake. I love bringing people dinner or a pretty bundt in times of need or to gatherings. More than any other dessert for the masses I head to my trusty bundt. It’s a people lover kitchen staple.

Coffee Maker . . . Coffee is its own food group in our household. Coffee is pretty much consumed a various times from reveille to retreat (google that if you don’t know, fun fact) around here. We are also coffee snobs. I prefer a french press but the husband prefers a drip (probably because of the rather frufru reputation of a french press). When used with high quality coffee and filtered water this drip maker produces a smooth cup en masse that satisfies. Sadly the original one was slammed around in moving, however I called Cuisinart and they quickly sent a replacement per the warranty. The replacement has been going strong for over four years.

Essential Duvet and Shams  . . . I stuffed this with an Ikea insert and have been snuggling in it ever since. It’s been washed many times and maintained a silky, satiny cotton texture. The little tailoring detail makes it very refined looking. The price is unbeatable for the quality too!

Classic Bath Towels . . . I’m probably as much a towel snob as I am a coffee snob. These are the only bath towels I own, other than a few hooded towels for the boys. I have a few monogrammed ones to dress up the bathroom and add some classic elegance. With only five bath towels you can imagine the number of washings they have endured. To keep them soft and fluffy I always dry with these wool dryer balls.


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