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Joey’s First Birthday Party Inspiration

July 13, 2015

I am in total denial that in exactly one month my newborn becomes a one year old. What? How? He’s not such a newborn, but still so pudgy and cuddly. We’ll be having a small party to celebrate his first year of life. First birthday parties are very much for the parents and older siblings since the baby isn’t really old enough to get into all the festivities. However, that is not an excuse not to have a blast celebrating!

My husband is half Italian and his extended (very fun) family still mainly lives in the Brooklyn. He loves the culture and is proud of his immigrant heritage. While Sam looks like my Scotch family, Joey has nice dark prominent Italian features. Someone comments on his perfect eyebrows and lashes every time we leave the house. Not kidding. I thought a party that pays homage to his Brooklyn Italian lineage¬†would be fun. It also happens that¬†nearest city to our current military station is Manhattan, Kansas. America’s “Little Apple”. We’ve grow quite fond of this little gem of a city and will be leaving next Spring, so Joey is going to have a “Big Apple Birthday in the Little Apple”. I’m impressed with my own creativity on that one.

Manhattan has a recently developed “shop, play, live, explore” area with a museum, European bakery/coffeehouse, yoga studio, children’s museum, lofts and water feature park that is set-up for kids to play (sort of a pretty “splash pad” concept). A NY style pizzeria is just a block away as well. My plan is to have a mid-day get together with moms and kids at the park so the kids can play in the water. The menu will be good (okay, amazing) NY pizza, a big antipasti salad for non pizza eaters, some veggies and beverages. For the cake I think it will be an Italian buttercream layer cake.

Since we’ll be outside I’m keeping the decorations fun and minimal without it looking too “I Heart NY” cheesy. Kanas is windy most of the time so anything not weighed down usually flies away. Maybe clear balloons filled with black confetti weighed down with NY themed children’s books. I’m still working through all my ideas, but here is what caught my eye as initial inspiration.


Joey 1st Birthday Inspiration


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