Three Easter Basket Ideas for Younger Toddlers

March 13, 2016

Two weeks until Easter, my friends. It’s a busy year for us and keeping things simple this year sounds pretty good. Joey is 19 months today and falls right in the “young toddler” range. We have a couple of the “All Aboard” books and read them on constant rotation. I am so excited to see a few new titles were released this month. I hope to collect the entire set. Books are always a great gift, stocking stuffer and Easter basket filler. No cheap plastic thrills, just growing little minds.

I’ve put together three easy Easter basket themes using a book and a toy. All but one item can be found on Amazon (yay for last minutes two day shipping!). Although the camera is probably more than I would spend on an Easter basket item, I nabbed this one on sale earlier this year for around $20 and have held on to it. It is beyond cute.

I will also add some treats. If you are super into a theme, you could even find treats to add to the theme from a specialty candy shop or international section of the grocery store in the case of London.  Some Walker shortbread would be prefect. I plan to use organic treats from Annie’s, YumEarth, Justin’s, and Surf Sweet. All these can be found at Target (it’s kind of hit or miss with online and in store stocking by location).


Easter Basket Toddler

Parks Book | Stacking Tree | London Book | Blocks | DC Book | Camera

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Nautical Easter Looks for the Boys

March 7, 2016

It’s crazy that I’m already getting plans together for the boys’ spring/summer wardrobes. Easter is only a few weeks away! What? This year we’ll be spending Easter in warmer lands, Georgia, so breezy nautical looks (twist my arm) are in order. Basically it’s another good excuse to add more anchor motif items to the boys’ closets. .

Easter Outfits

Sweater | Linen Pants | Anchor Polo | Shorts | Sandals

Joey will be wearing linen roll-up pants that are actually hand-me-downs from Sam, however Gap is carrying them for the fourth season. These are a terrific purchase. Sam wore them in a longer length one year and like longer shorts the next year. The waist is also adjustable. They look dressy but without being stiff khaki pants for developing walkers. The anchor sweater is on sale for $8 and is great quality. It arrived a few days ago and I can’t wait to see Joey wearing it.

Sam’s wearing chambray shorts and this great printed polo shirt. He will get plenty of miles out of this outfit throughout the summer.

Last year I sprang for good sandals for the boys from See Kai Run. I’ve done the same this year after the boys wore them non-stop and as they wear they can be polished up with old fashioned shoe polish. Yes, when you buy real leather you can extend the life by polishing your shoes. I know, so 1940s. Somethings never go out of style. See Kai Run makes a couple basic leather styles and are available from Amazon/, Nordstrom and Zappos.


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Weekend Dossier No. 24

March 5, 2016



For some serious pantry inspiration and tips, check this article out.

I started using this in the shower and love what it does for my skin.

This chicken recipe is on my shortlist for menu ideas for the upcoming week.

I told you recently about the Oh Joy for Target baby collection, now she’s released a living room collection! Lots of her signature bright colors, metallics, and mid-century flair.

I discovered this brand on Instagram and whoa, so soft and cute. Don’t forget that the prices shown are in CND and are about 30% less in USD.

Following Kate’s advice here, I started applying my foundation (actually a CC cream) and it has made all the difference in the even appearance of my make-up. I use inexpensive this brush and wash it daily under hot water. It’s always dry by the next morning.


Photo Credit: The Small Things Blog

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Our Welcome Home Photos

February 29, 2016

I’m really excited to share these photos with you because you know what they mean? My husband is home after nine months! We made a fairly last minute decision to get a photographer and I am so glad. Capturing the looks on the boys’ faces is priceless. Wavel, our photographer, did a wonderful job. We waited (something Joey wasn’t thrilled about, notice the tear) and then all of a sudden there they were! Sam saw Justin first. I’ll leave you to bask in adoring little boy eyes . . .












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My First Mommy Mailbox!

February 25, 2016


I’ve been away from the blog for a bit to prepare for my husband’s homecoming and to spend a few days basking in our family togetherness. He arrived home earlier this week from a nine month deployment with the Army to the Middle East. Not seeing your husband for nine months is crazy! Lots of women have had much longer separations – much respect for you, sisters. The amazing homecoming makes the separation a distant memory the moment I saw him holding both our smiling boys. We had a photographer so a whole post of photos coming soon!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day (and most other holidays) alone is nothing unusual for a military spouse and probably for lots of other women who have husbands who travel for work. I shamelessly ordered myself a gift – a subscription to Mommy Mailbox. I followed their super pretty Instagram feed (follow!) since they started and was so impressed by the boxes they turned out month after month. So many subscription boxes seem to have a few products I like and a few I’m not so keen on. This mama does not need extra clutter so those boxes haven’t appealed to me. Mommy Mailbox is the first one that I love EVERY SINGLE item. Some brands included are well known (like One Love Organics and Rifle Paper), while others are new discoveries.

A different blogger curates the box every month providing fresh ideas and style to the box. This month was curated by the ladies behind HeyMama. They made some fabulous choices!




Plaid Scarf by Greenish

Send out winter snugly in style with this super soft blanket scarf. I already have this scarf but it is such a great piece. I can’t wait to gift it to someone.

Taylor Triangle Necklace by Olive + Piper

A simple trio of triangles in 14k gold. Combine with long pendants for an effortlessly layered look or wear alone for an easy outfit upgrade. I needed a piece of more minimal modern jewelry and this fit the bill.

Valentine Card by Neon Rae

A simple statement to share your love with your favorite this month. Designed by Jillian Atun, owner and designer behind LA children’s boutique Neon Rae.

Lip Gloss by Sappho

Created by celebrity makeup artist JoAnn Fowler, the Rita gloss is vegan and paraben-free. Its universally flattering shade makes it the perfect finish for your Valentine’s Day evening. I’ve been wearing this daily. It has the best earthy flavor too. None of that gross chemically taste so many lip products often have.

Chocolate Bar by La Luna Salt Co.

Handmade and hand painted in small batches, these milk chocolate bars are infused with vanilla sea salt to bring out a decadent flavor. So delicious. It went perfectly with  cup of coffee one evening.




I can’t wait for my March box! Mommy Mailbox also has gift boxes at various price points and I’m pretty sure some of my mom friends will be getting these as gifts this year.


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